8 April 2012

New Zoo Range

As I mentioned last week I got a lot of inspiration from Longleat Safari Park and as a result I have created a 'Zoo Range'. At the moment it is a few door plaques but I have plans and designs more and for a few clocks too.
Last week I showed you the first in the new range which I have now named 'Zazzi'.


This week I've been finishing off a few more,

Max the Lion

Nelly the Elephant

Fliss the Flamingo

Chris the Crocodile

So what do you think?
I've also made Manny the Monkey

Manny the Monkey

I think he needs a little something extra as he looks a bit plain,
And finally Gerty the giraffe

Gerty the Giraffe

He is the wild cousin of Marty and Matilda and although he is one of my favourites his border takes ages to paint!
Its a short post from me this week for Handmade Monday, I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter, although my creations aren't Easter-themed i'm sure there will be a fair few over on HM that are so i'm now off to have a browse. I have also discovered a linky party over at Serendipity and Spice so i'm going to link in with them too.
Until next time,

2 April 2012

New Zebra Plaque

Its been a busy weekend at work and at home thanks to my new fitness plan and the lovely summer weather meaning that once again I've not had much time for finishing my crafts.

I made several posts on my blog last week about my weekend trip to Longleat. If you haven't read them already please do, you can find the link to the last post here. Not only did I have a great time here I also found inspiration for a new range of plaques. I've decided to create a 'Zoo Range' and have so many ideas on paper, several half finished plaques but only one completed. There will be several more ready to show for next weekend including an elephant, a monkey and a flamingo!
The one I have completed today is the Zebra,

This plaque took much longer to paint than I thought, that edging took ages! I'm still debating whether to add a stitched edge to the border or leave it as it is, what do you think?
It's only a short post this week for Handmade Monday, please take a trip over to see what everyone else has made.
Until next time,