30 October 2011


Hello and welcome,
If you've come here from my previous blog then thank you.
Every new blog should have an introduction so here goes...
My name is Jem, i'm a good old fashioned country girl from the beautiful Westcountry.

I currently work full time however I've developed a passion for making gifts, mainly for children. It all started when my cousin announced she was expecting a little girl, a few weeks later another cousin announced the same. Whilst searching online for baby girl gifts I realised that it was easy and cheap to buy mass produced gifts but none of them sent out the message I wanted. It was at this point I decided to make something personal, handmade with love. I had a few months to spare during which other events popped up and I began thinking outside the baby box.
The first person I decided to make a gift for was my little brother and after a bit of playing around I made a nice little plaque for his bedroom door. It wasn't brilliant but it was a start and I was happy, so happy that I made a couple more for two friends little boys.
Are you wondering what it looked like? Here it is:

I have started this blog as I'm aiming to start a business very soon, some of the images you see might be a bit familiar as I did show them on a previous blog however this is to show a bit of background to Jam Dalory and I assure you there are lots of new images to come soon.
I love to look at the work of other crafters and there is no better way to do this than through Wendy's Handmade Monday. Many of the crafters who take part have given me the confidence to take the plunge and start to turn my hobby into a business so thanks a million to them.
Take care
Jem x