30 October 2011


Hello and welcome,
If you've come here from my previous blog then thank you.
Every new blog should have an introduction so here goes...
My name is Jem, i'm a good old fashioned country girl from the beautiful Westcountry.

I currently work full time however I've developed a passion for making gifts, mainly for children. It all started when my cousin announced she was expecting a little girl, a few weeks later another cousin announced the same. Whilst searching online for baby girl gifts I realised that it was easy and cheap to buy mass produced gifts but none of them sent out the message I wanted. It was at this point I decided to make something personal, handmade with love. I had a few months to spare during which other events popped up and I began thinking outside the baby box.
The first person I decided to make a gift for was my little brother and after a bit of playing around I made a nice little plaque for his bedroom door. It wasn't brilliant but it was a start and I was happy, so happy that I made a couple more for two friends little boys.
Are you wondering what it looked like? Here it is:

I have started this blog as I'm aiming to start a business very soon, some of the images you see might be a bit familiar as I did show them on a previous blog however this is to show a bit of background to Jam Dalory and I assure you there are lots of new images to come soon.
I love to look at the work of other crafters and there is no better way to do this than through Wendy's Handmade Monday. Many of the crafters who take part have given me the confidence to take the plunge and start to turn my hobby into a business so thanks a million to them.
Take care
Jem x


  1. Very cute giraffe - a great start! Welcome to Handmade Monday, it's lovely to have you join us - and good luck with getting the business started.

  2. He is gorgeous. The lovely thing about handmade is the personalisation of what we make - so nice to have that extra special something in our work that means a lot to the person it is for. Many thanks for your lovely comment on my post.

  3. Hi Jem and good luck with your handmade stuff. Love the little plaque. Mich :)

  4. thanks for sharing .good luck with your new business xxx

  5. Good luck with your business. I am about to start mine too so can understand what you are going through. I like your idea for setting up children's gift and love the plaque too.

  6. I love giraffes! Cute plaque. Welcome, it's such a great group here. I love that so many different people with a number of different crafts participate, I learn a lot and I get many different ideas and perspectives. :)

  7. Lovely plaque.
    Handmade Monday is a great place to start, such a friendly group of people. I really enjoy it!

  8. I really love the giraffe, he looks so friendly, bet your brother was thrilled.

    Can't wait to see what you will make next.

  9. Lovely giraffe. I like the way it looks right at you. Good luck with starting your business.

  10. Hello, and welcome to Bloggyland! Handmade Monday is a great way to find lots of like minded people. Your little plaque is sweet, and it's so much nicer to give a gift that's been handmade with love. Lots of luck with your new business and look forward to reading about your progress Pennyx (Planet Penny)

  11. Bet you became the worlds bestest ever big sister when you made that lovely plaque. Good luck with the business.

  12. Hello to you on your new blog! What a sweet giraffe - can't wait to see what you make for your friends!
    Jo x

  13. Lovely giraffe and a beautiful photo of your neck of the woods!

    Good luck with your new business - I am now following your blog too.

    Ali x

  14. Hello from a new follower.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and good luck on yours, your giraffe is cute, well done.

    Jan :o)

  15. West Country looks beautiful! Love the plaque too. You must need a steady hand...

    Thanks for the comment about the bloodied soap teeth on our Halloween post!

    We have a Secret Santa raffle too,.


  16. Good luck! Lovely views you have there!

  17. The plaque is lovely :) good luck with the new business venture!

  18. Your giraffe plaque is cute. Hope to see more of your crafting here on a Monday. hugs Mrs A.

  19. hello to you and your new blog. hopefull it will continue successfully. also good luck with starting your craft business, beginnings are always difficult but with a some will you are bound to succeed :)
    thanks for dropping by


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