6 November 2011


Is it just me or does there seem to be a bit of a baby boom at the moment?
At this moment in time I have one cousin pregnant, one cousin has just had a baby girl last month, at work I have one colleague who also had a baby girl last month, three colleagues who are heavily pregnant and two male colleagues have just had babies (well their partners did!)
It seems that everywhere I turn theres either a buggy or a bump. Now i'm not getting broody, i'm far too immature for that, but I am getting creative. All these babies being born deserve beautiful gifts!
I wanted to create a baby plaque that people could buy before they knew the name of the baby, or even before they knew the sex. So I came up with these:
For baby boys:

For baby girls:

And I did one very similar in cream for those who don't yet know if its a little boy or girl, unfortunately I haven't yet photographed it!
I think they're pretty cute but I'm still toying around with the facial expressions and debating whether or not to add some more embellishments, what do you think?
Now going back to my cousin and my colleague who both had baby girls last month, amazingly they were both born on the same day and their mothers share the same name, spooky! I wanted to create a little something special so for my colleague I made this:

and I made a similar one for my cousin

And then a matching money box as my mum wanted a gift to give her too

Here's the two of them together:

Myself and my mum travelled to London on Friday and delivered the gifts to the new baby, I also did a plaque and bag of sweets for her big brother and sister so they didn't feel left out, big sister had this:

And big brother had a similar plaque to the giraffe from the last post, again I stupidly forgot to photograph it (slaps hands)
The cousin who's still pregnant (due next month) had a baby shower today which myself and my mum went to, it was good fun and she had a whole table full of gifts. I haven't made her a gift yet as I'm waiting to see what she names it however my mum wanted a moneybox to give to her so I made her this:

I didn't get to see her reaction as we had to leave before the end to travel back however she did see the other moneybox and she loved it so hopefully she'll like hers too.
Anyway thats enough baby talk from me, its tired me out!
What have you been up to this week? Pop along to Wendy's Handmade Monday to see the other talented crafters and their wonderful creations. This is the second time I've entered as Jam Dalory and as well as picking up new followers i'm hoping to join in every week at least until the end of 2011.
Until next time...


  1. Heavens, you have been really busy and what a lucky family you have... you have really set the bar high for family gifts now!

  2. Your things are lovely and I'm sure they will be treasured!
    Another baby here lol mine is 3 months old :)

  3. That's a lot of making! But they are all really cute, a lot of babies Mom's are going to be thrilled. Very cute. :)

  4. Your gifts will be all the more treasured because you have made them yourself, well done they are lovely

  5. Lovely, I particularly like the 'It's a girl/boy' plaques :)

  6. Lovely creations and gifts, these things often happen in 3's or when working we had a chair that you did not sit in unless you wanted to get pregnant, how that worked have not a clue, lol

  7. You've definitely been busy and all very cute! Like Caroline, I remember a chair at work that was avoided by all who didn't want to get pregnant! New baby granddaughter due soon too.

  8. A plethora of beautiful baby gifts and I know what you mean about those babies, I'm going to become a Great Aunt at Christmas (sounds very Downton Abbey doesn't it?)

  9. Lovely pressies, it's funny how babies seem to appear in waves isn't it? We had one in the family about 18 months ago, and they were all boys!

  10. Really beautiful baby makes - well done. Perhaps the grim summer is to blame for the b aby boom?

  11. You've been a busy bee, I particularly like the frame and matching money box, it's such a nice touch.

    Jan x

  12. Your gifts are all lovely. Are the money boxes Wooden? Beautifully made. Hugs Mrs A.

  13. You have been busy I bet all the recipients were delighted with their gifts. My cousin's wife has just had a little boy and a friend is expecting very soon.

  14. Thank you for all the lovely comments, it seems babies are booming everywhere! I'm really pleased with these items this week and can't wait to get my website up and running so I can list them on there. The moneyboxes are made from MDF and seem to have gone down really well with the recipients, I've got a few more designs planned for them so watch this space! x

  15. The gifts are so lovely. I really like the handmade by me frame

  16. Lovely plaques, I'm sure they will be something you could have a lot of orders for when you set up your shop.

  17. These baby gifts are lovely - i like the fact that they aren't cluttered. Lucky baby to get one of these.
    Jo x

  18. Your gifts are lovely ~ I have a two year old nephew and he made his first bath bomb which I posted on our blog! Our customers all seem to be off on maternity leave at the mo. Good luck to them : 0 )


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