20 November 2011

Marty and Matilda

I've not been doing this blogging thing very long but there's something very addictive about it. At the moment this is mainly thanks to Handmade Monday hosted by Wendy each week. Through this I'm receiving feedback about my work and gaining a few followers, both these things are great for helping me to launch my new business so thank you.
I've not been able to do a lot this week thanks to being back at my normal job and getting a dose of the latest virus thats flying around. This has meant that as soon as I get home I've been jumping into my bed with a hot water bottle and medicine feeling sorry for myself. Fortunately though my computer is a laptop so thats been joining me and its been the perfect time to get started on building my website. Its still a work in progress at the moment but it feels good to have got a good start on it.
By yesterday I'd managed to drag myself out of bed and get the paintbrush out again. After all whats the point in building a website if I don't have anything to put on it!
On my first blog post I showed you a plaque I'd made:

I thought he was cute so I had to give him a name so I chose 'Marty'. Being the dreamer that I am I then started thinking of a whole back story about him, I won't bore you with it but the question that came out of the story was what does a little giraffe need? That's right, a friend. So yesterday I created Marty's new best friend, Matilda:

Isn't she pretty? Well she is but my camera skills are so poor the colours aren't coming across right! Any tips anyone can offer would be welcomed.
The wonderful thing about crafts and self criticism is that now I've made Matilda I want to improve Marty. Maybe that's a woman thing, always wanting to improve her man!
I have a few ideas in the pipeline for next week but haven't had time to finish them yet. I will make a big effort to get them done for next week.
Anyway, all feedback and followers are appreciated, I'm now going over to Handmade Monday to see what everyone else has been up to. Make sure you take a look too.
Until next time


  1. What a lovely idea - giraffe girlfriend! One of my commissions this week is a dinosaur on pink - this reminded me of that! :-)

  2. The new plaques are so pretty the giraffe is so cute and sorry you have been poorly

  3. You are so right - blogging is very, very addictive. Great fun reading everyone else's posts though, isn't it? Your giraffe plaques are lovely. Hope you are feeling much better now.

  4. I love your plaques....they're soooo cute....hope you're feeling better soon.....x

  5. Loving Matilda! Great plaques. Hope you feel better soon. Mich x

  6. I love Matilda, I am not sure what colour she is meant to be but I actually really like her colours in the photo! I hope you are feeling better soon, being ill sucks!

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments, I am feeling much better now. Matilda is pink and yellow, The photo seems to make her patches look purple instead. Although maybe that's an idea for the next one! x

  8. I love how you've invented little character stories for these lovely giraffes. Perhaps you should sell them with an accompanying storybook, but then that's just too much to think about isn't it?

  9. Fab idea to make a friend for Marty :) love it x

  10. Whatever happens do not leave Marty and Matilda in a box together... they may have lots of little giraffe plaques... on second thoughts do it, think of all the work it will save you. They are beautiful!

  11. What a great idea! And I agree with Ros, put them in a box and see if you get more ;) These looks so well made and like a lot of love has gone into making them. Well done.

  12. Matilda is definietely a girlie girl. Will probably boss Marty around. A story book about them would be fab. Hugs Mrs A .

  13. A back story is a great idea, as for the photo's I can't help much with that but there are a few good hints and tips on the Craft Forum as well as on line, I'd say good lighting is the key. I hope you are feeling better.

    Jan x

  14. Oh those are sweet! Funny that you chose Matilda as a name since I've had the song Waltzing Matilda going thru my head this week and even looked it up online to see what the lyrics were (and the story which was totally not what I thought it was about!).
    Anyway, as for tips on photos, I don't know what kind of camera you have or if you are using a flash, but lighting makes such a difference. If you can get good lighting where you are taking the photos and not use a flash you might get truer color. If the flash wants to go off anyway, you might be able to put your finger or hand in front of the flash to block or diffuse it somewhat. These are a few things I do sometimes.
    But anyway, Marty and Matilda are adorable! I'm liking very much and sorry I'm so late this week!


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