30 September 2012

Dungarees dilemma!!!

It has been a while since I last showed any crafts off on here, I am however still working away, both at my full time job and at my new business.

The biggest development in the world of Jam Dalory has to be my new facebook page I hope that at least some of you will take a look and if you like what you see then please do click the 'like' button!
I will soon be doing a little give-away on there and on here for followers and likers so watch this space!

So what have I been doing?
I have had a few orders lately for my free-standing wooden letters, this was a gift to a new granddaughter from one lady

And this one is a Christmas present for a young girl

There are some more photos on my facebook page of other letters I have done. I have a few more orders that I'm working on at the moment, the letters above are great for little girls but boys are a bit more difficult. I'm working on some orders for little boys at the moment and could really do with your help for one in particular! One of the little boys is called JJ, he's 2 years old and his room is blue and cream. I've made and painted some little teddy figures but can't decide whether to go for the ones with dungarees or the ones with the heart. What do you prefer?



Sorry about the colour quality, I took these photos on my phone in a bit of a rush!!!

If any of you are wondering these letters are approx 6" in size and are just £8 each (+p&p)

I'm going to be linking to Wendy's Handmade Monday which I notice has moved over to her other blog Handmade Harbour, I'll then be having a look at all the others who have linked up. Please do the same!
Until next time


  1. The letters are really lovely - the embellishments you have added are really gorgeous. The size is good - so is the price. Hope you have a good week.

  2. They're both cute, do you have to choose one or the other or can you leave it for the customer?
    I've been over to the FB page to like you, I hope you'll visit Planet Penny too!

  3. I agree, they are both cute. Love the use of the buttons.

  4. The letters are great
    Asking the customer sounds a good idea, but if I had to choose I think the dungarees just win for me

  5. The letters are just lovely. I prefer the dungarees, but asking the customer is a good idea.

  6. The letters are great, the butterfly is gorgeous.

    Have liked your facebook page :D

  7. Lovely letters and I think dungarees, but ask the customer - send pics of both designs and colourways and involve them in the design process, in my experience it adds to the personal experience x

  8. I haven't seen your blog before. I think I'd go for dungarees too. I love the little buttons in corners.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous and difficult to choose...but I think the dungarees just ever so slightly edge it... I'd agree with the others tho and let your customer decide :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Have a good week
    S x

  10. these letters are so cute!

    re your decision i would go for the dungarees as they seem a bit more boyish :) x

  11. I love your letters so pretty and have liked your FB page

  12. Such lovely letters. I'm off to "like" your facebook. x

  13. I think the dungarees look more boyish too. Off to your FB page


  14. Glad to see you back, I love the letters. I'm another that likes the dungarees.
    I'm off to fb to look you up :)

    Jan x

  15. I'm in agreement- dungarees are more boyish, hearts are a bit more girly

  16. I like the dungarees too, although both are cute. Will pop over to your FB page and like you too. xx

  17. Lovely plaques. I think the dungaree bears would be better for a boy.

  18. Popping over now to like your Facebook page

  19. I like the dungarees as well! Now I'm off to say hello on Fb. Jo x

  20. Hi Jem, ouch just lost my message! Anyway, congrats on the new job etc. I've just added a post, first time in ages. Been busy with the web. My sis left in august as got chance to do her chartered accountancy - so I am determine to get the web done by Xmas once and for all lol.

    We are having a change over with ebay too. If you would like anything, get in touch and we can sort something.

    Cheerio Lesley x


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