21 October 2012

A little trip Down South and a wedding

A couple of weekends ago I took a trip down south to the beautiful west-country (or as I prefer to call it - HOME!)
We went to Brean in Somerset, despite having lived just half an hour away from Brean for much of my life I never visited this place although I had heard a lot about it. We dropped really lucky with the weather, it was tipping it down on our way there and on the way back but for the time we were there we had sunshine, yes sunshine in October!
Although Brean itself is very touristy there are plenty of beautiful quiet little villages nearby. whilst travelling down one of the country lanes we came across this cider farm shop

Inside this Aladdins cave the lady serving was very friendly and as soon as we entered she offered us a taste of their scrumpy! Despite being from the area I'm not a big fan of cider but I'm assured this scrumpy tasted delicious! What I did taste was some of their butterscotch brandy, WOW, it was amazing! So much so we bought 2 bottles, one as a Christmas present and another bottle for ourselves at Christmas!

Something I noticed whilst we were driving through a nearby village was their bus shelters, not your standard metal and glass ugly looking shelters but stone ones that have clearly been lovingly hand-painted

How gorgeous are they? As a big fan of giraffes this one was my favourite!

The trip was over far too quick and it was back up north and back to work my day job.
When I returned I received a short notice order for a wedding gift. The order came on Wednesday for a wedding on Friday and all that was requested was 'something with the wooden hearts'
These are the wooden hearts referred to

With not a clue where to start I thought about trying to create some sort of hanging piece using craft wire... I soon discovered that me and wire do not work well together! Hats off to Wendy who makes it look so easy when she uses it on her plaques!
So after a tantrum creative thinking session I decided to stick with what I know - twine! The end result was some wedding bunting,

Bunting seems to be quite popular lately and I'm quite pleased with how this turned out, unfortunately the photos aren't great as the silver writing doesn't show up much but it reads Mr / & / Mrs / Lomas / Bagden Hall / 12.10.12

I've had some good feedback from it and I'm thinking about making some for myself in the Jam Dalory colours to go above my stall when I finally get round to doing a craft fair.

I'm working on several more of my free standing letters at the moment, thank you to all who commented on my last post about the teddy bears, the majority went for dungarees and so that's what I went with.

A lady at my other job also wanted an initial for her 1 year old grandsons bedroom and was chuffed with the teddy bear and buttons design

Until next time,


  1. Butterscotch brandy, my but that sounds so yummy... is my name on the gift bottle, is it, is it? Isn't it funny how you can live somewhere and ignore a local attraction, I cannot remember the last time I went down the pier... maybe this week, if the wind and rain stop...

  2. The heart bunting is a really great idea for weddings. Great quick thinking :)

  3. Your 'creative thinking session' made me laugh- I have those too!

  4. Wow, butterscotch brandy - sounds yummy. And the bunting is so pretty. Well done on coming up with something so quickly.

  5. Love the hearts (and twine is better than wire for keeping postal costs down!).
    My trick is jeweller's pliers for curling the wire ends. The wire just needs to go in at an angle.

  6. sounds like you had a great trip! i live in the west country and we have a great cider shop near us - they always have lots of intriguing looking bottles but i usually play it safe.. well done for tying the butterscotch brandy! it sounds delicious

    i love your heart bunting! really pretty, i bet your customer was thrilled with it :) x

  7. What amazing bus shelters. They should be all over the country, would look amazing. Sounds you had a good time in Somerset, the butterscotch brandy...yum!

  8. love the free standing letters they are very cute!

  9. I love those bus stops, so much more eye catching the the normal glass and metal or broken down wood shelters.

    Well done on your heart order so pretty and very short notice.

  10. Ha, ha! Sometimes we need to have a bit of a tizzy to clear the air and get down to work!

  11. I love those eye-catching bus stops - would cheer up a lot of places!
    The bunting looks great, obviously creative thinking can be a positive thing!

  12. Butterscotch brandy sounds very tasty. Well done on your heart order - they do look lovely. I love the photographs of your visit - great bus-stop huts. Hope you have a good week.

  13. I went to Pontins at Brean for my first growed up no parental supervision holiday just 5 minutes ago lol - its a lovely area. Your wedding bunting is lovely and the little bears on the letters and numbers are really cute!

  14. Wow those bus shelters are lovely....
    Am loving the sleeping bear 'L' totally gorgeous!!

  15. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip, the giraffe's make waiting for the bus a lot more interesting. I love the wedding bunting, it's a great idea and something wonderful to keep.
    Ali x

  16. I love those bus shelters-they put ours to shame!Love the heart bunting.Perfect for a wedding.


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