4 January 2012

1st lot of Christmas presents revealed...

I was going to do just one post of the items I made for Christmas presents but I've decided to split them up a bit so today I will be showing you two gifts that I made, one for my sister and one for my mum.

The idea started when I discovered Bath Bomb Creations, their stuff looked so good I had to order.
I ordered a mixture of different scented bath bombs, some for my mum, some for my sister and some for me! When they arrived they were well packed in a shed-load of bubble wrap that will definitely be recycled on my orders,

The question that came next was how to display them? I bought some of these boxes a while ago and forgot all about them,

I decided to paint them, pink for my sister who is a girly girl and blue for my mum who loves it. I tried to make it look like bubbles on the lid but it didn't work so they just became pretty colourful circles.

I didn't want to just put the bath bombs inside, it needed something more so I got some little organza bags. I ordered some from eBay but they didn't arrive so I had a last minute panic to find someone nearby who could sell me some, luckily I got these pretty lilac bags.

I then separated them into each bag and added a little tag to each to say what scent they were,

Then the moment of truth, I hadn't actually measured the inside of the box so had no idea if they would even fit! Luckily they did. Just.

Yes I was very pleased with myself! I also used some of the mountain of bubble wrap to make sure they were safe before I wrapped them with Christmas paper.

They went down really well as gifts, throughout Christmas day both my mum and sister kept opening the box and lifting a bag out for a sniff! I think I might even make a box for myself, it's nice to have a bathroom treat box for when you just want to relax and feel pampered and the boxes and bags can be reused.

As well as providing me with these lovely smelling bath bombs, the team over at Bath Bomb Creations are hosting their second linky party which I'm going to join in with now, pop over and have a look.
I'm also joining in with Lisa's Linky Party on a blog I've recently found. It's a brand new linky party so I hope they do well.
I'll be revealing the other handmade Christmas presents in a few days.
Until next time,


  1. I've had some of the bath bombs from bath bomb creations and they are lovely. I bought some for my friends, and made sure i over ordered so i would have some extra just for me :)
    The boxes are lovely as well x

  2. What a lovely way to present such wonderful bath bombs (I really wish I had 'smellyputer' as I am sure they were gorgeous).

    Can't wait to see what else you have to show - this one already has me thinking about ideas for Christmas 2012!!

    Ali x

  3. Aww they are lovely, I would have been over the moon with that gift.

    Where did you get the boxes from they are so cute?!

    Kim xx

  4. Thanks for the comments they really do smell gorgeous.
    Kim I got the boxes about 10 months ago from boxylady. x

  5. Hi Jem
    Wow! Love the boxes! What paint did you use? And so pleased you liked the bath bombs! We are making bigger this year too. Plus looking into body butters, lip balms,gift boxes, and soap should be up and running.

    Had a hitch with the website so may have to launch a temp one, oh well.

    Thanks for mentioning the linky party as trying to get off the ground.

    Would like to do a post withwhat you made so if you are ok with that and would like to send any pics to bathbombcreations@btinternet.com??

    Cheerio and hope your web going ok!


  6. Hi Jem, the boxes are gorgeous and the bath bombs look lovely. May have to order some for my mams birthday.

    Thanks for commenting on my last post, I'll focus on Valentines day like you said until I get "reinspired" lol

    Hayley x

  7. This is super cute!! I love my bath, I may have to try the bath bombs. :)


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