16 January 2012


Its been a bit of a hectic weekend here and I'm running a bit late with my Handmade Monday post so i'm going to keep it short and sweet.
This week among other unfinished items I've been working on a mischievous trio of dragons, Boris, Glenn and Rudy:




I love the cheeky expression on these guys faces and really enjoyed painting them.
I've also been working on my website a bit which, despite a few setbacks, i'm still intending to get up and running before the end of January. Building a website, even a simple one, is a lot trickier than it appears especially if you are a bit technically-dumb like me. Bit by bit though it is slowly coming together but in the mean time if you want to buy anything you see on here just drop me a message either in the comments section on here or by email to jamdalory@hotmail.co.uk
Its just the dragons I have to show you this week however next week i'll be getting in the Valentines mood and showing you some lovey themed creations.
Until next time,


  1. I used to work for a Boris and believe me your Boris is so much nicer. Good luck with our website - working on mine and it is such a slow process. I keep changing my mind about text and pics and delete them, then think they were OK and wonder why I deleted them. Have fun and hope you have a good week.

  2. I love your plaques and am sure they will sell well. A website is an ongoing project and never really finished, just amazing and adding new items is time consuming so be prepared and god luck

  3. It's a dragon, so therefore by law I love it. All dragons are amazing.

    They will go well for you! Excellent work there!

  4. Websites are hard work to set up and Caroline is right, it's always an ongoing task - good luck with it! Super cute dragons!

  5. The dragons are gorgeous. It is a lot of time consuming work getting the website started but you'll get there Mich x

  6. I just love the way the change of colour changes the mood of the dragons.

    Best of luck with the website... am sitting here in awe!

  7. I love these dragons! Amazing how just a change of colour can make such a difference.

    Good luck with your site - I have built two now and know what you are going through!! Don't forget it doesn't have to be perfect straight away - you can tweak at a later stage (4 years down the line, I am still tweaking!!!)

    Ali x

  8. Very cute. When my boys were little they would have been very charmed by those dragons.

  9. There is often a monster behind the children's bedroom doors here! lovely expressions.

  10. I love the dragons and i'm sure they will be very popular

  11. Am liking Boris Glenn and Rudy, I wondered how you came up with those names. I agree with Ali different colours make for a totally different effect

  12. Thanks for the lovely comments I am really chuffed with these guys. For some weird reason I like to name the animals when I make things and go with the first name that pops into my head when I look at them, I've just realised that the first letter of the name is also the first letter of the colour too so that should help me remember who's who.
    I agree with the comments about the colour changing the mood, I might have to do a pink one as well, after all girls like dragons too! x

  13. I love the cheeky face, pink and lilac are always good colours for girlies. I like that you have matched the colour of the 'stitching' effect. Good luck on your website, it's something I haven't done yet!!!!

    Jan x


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