2 January 2012

New Year, New Aims

How to start a new year?
I decided that as yesterday was a bank holiday it didn't really count so I spent the day continuing to relax and eat far too much. I do realise that today is also a bank holiday but it's also a Monday so that to me signifies a new start to a new year.

Over the last 12 months I have put on weight, lost it, then gained some more. This year I'm determined to lose it for good. A typical New Years resolution? Yes. This year though will be different for the following reason:
My day job requires a certain amount of fitness, although this is not tested regularly, it is when you want to change departments or areas. This year I want to change both so I really need to shift some weight and get running on the treadmill thats currently pretending to be a clothes horse in my living room. I wont post my current weight for fear of embarrassment but I will post my progress, that way it will feel like I have to justify myself to someone and lets face it, blogging is much cheaper than Weight Watchers or Slimming World, only time will tell if it's as successful.
My second aim is to make a success of my new business, I am currently spending a lot of my spare time designing my website which will be up and running this month as well as painting items and adding more ideas to my already bulging sketchbook!
I also intend to do several craft fairs this year, I havent decided which ones yet but I hope this will be a boost not only to my sales but also to my confidence, either that or it'll go horribly wrong, no-one will buy and I'll feel a massive failure! fingers crossed it's the first option!

Away from anything work related I have a couple of other aims for 2012

  • Visit Disneyland Paris, I went about 10 years ago with my younger brother and sister but now I have another brother who'll be 10 this year I'd like to take him before he's too old to appreciate the magic of the place.

  • Run a marathon, or maybe a half marathon. I used to do fun runs when I was younger but the last one was over 4 years ago. The feeling of crossing the finish line of a 5k run is brilliant so I can only imagine the sense of achievement I'll get if I can do a marathon.

  • Sell my house and buy a new one. I'd love to own a farm and spend most of my time out in the fields but as there's little chance of that happening unless I win the Lottery I will settle for an old cottage that needs a lot of work. I love having a project to focus on.

These are just a couple of things off the top of my head, I for one, am very excited about what the new year has in store. What are your ambitions and resolutions?


  1. Wow - what an exciting year you have planned!

  2. That is some list of goals for 2012 - I sincerely hope you achieve all of them.

    Happy New Year

    Ali x

  3. Best of luck with the new business - it takes time to achieve, but it's so exciting a time. :-) Happy new year!

  4. Its always good to have goals, I find looking back at lists of dream and goals helps me move forward when things become 'stale'

    Good luck with your list!

    Kim xx


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