11 December 2011

2 weeks to go...

...and Christmas will be here, where has this year gone?
Right so this week, as promised, I've done a bit more than last week. Firstly the little girls plaque that was ordered to go with the Fireman Sam plaque. I did post this a couple of days ago but I wanted to show it to the Handmade Monday crowd.

I delivered it to the lady at work this weekend and she was thrilled with them both.

My cousin who's baby was due this month gave birth a little early so I've made her a plaque too for her beautiful little girl,

I'm popping it into the post tomorrow so it should arrive sometime this week.

Now with so many houses and people to deliver presents to I always wondered how the big red man remembered where to go? In order to make sure he didn't forget my home I made a little reminder plaque for him!

I've almost finished my Christmas orders but unfortunately I can't put them up yet in case the recipients see them. I will post them after Christmas though.
Its been a bit like Christmas for me already with various parcels arriving through the door for various crafty bits and pieces but the one that got me most excited was my business cards finally arriving from Vistaprint

Ooooh its all coming together!
And finally another little decoration to add to the Christmas tree,

So what have you been up to this week? Are you ready for Christmas? Pop over to Wendy's Handmade Monday to marvel at what the others have been up to and the enormous amount of orders that poor Wendy is completing. I'm heading over there now and my mission is to leave a comment on every link!
I've also decided to join in over at Made It Myself Monday.
Until next time,


  1. They are soooo cute and your work is very precise isnt it. No wonder you are busy. And I love your fun reindeer.

  2. I love that reindeer, he looks so surprised!

  3. The plaques are really lovely! The little reindeer christmas decoration is so cute! Mich x

  4. Great business cards, your logo stands out really well. I love the toadstools, one of my favourite things. :)

    Jan x

  5. Those plaques are so cute and love the business cards

  6. The decoration is lovely, you should think about sellong them next year!

  7. Love the santa plaque! great for kids!

  8. I love the reindeer decoration - bet they look good on the tree. Busienss cards look very smart too - well done.

  9. Your excitement is infectious - good luck with it all. Those plaques are lovely

  10. Rudolph is amazingly cute!

    And I am hoping santa stops here too! Great sign design.

  11. Everything you've done is so cute! I love the little reindeer at the end, very adorable. I also love the way you've done snowflakes, very sweet and simple, gives me ideas! :) Very nicely done, everything!

  12. Your business cards look great. I got mine from Vistaprint too and was very pleased with the result. Love your cute faced reindeer. Hugs Mrs A.

  13. You've been a busy bee:) Lovely plaques and your business cards look great


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