7 December 2011

Wednesday Linky Parties

Ok, so now I've been bitten by the blogging bug (try saying that after a few drinks!) I'm keen to keep it up.

One of the best things about blogging is getting feedback especially when its positive and gaining followers who keep coming back because they like what you do. The best way of doing this has to be the linky parties. I've been doing the Handmade Mondays for a little while now but thanks to my normal job having a random shift pattern sometimes I don't have a lot to show on the Monday but a couple of days later I've created something that I can't wait until the next Monday to show off.
This week is one of those weeks, on Monday I only had a couple of Christmas tree decorations to show off as I'd worked 8 days in a row, after a couple of days off I now have some other bits and pieces to blog about.
In order to solve my impatience I've been hunting around and found some other linky parties 'What I Whipped Up Wednesday' and 'Made by me Wednesday'. These parties have an awful lot of people joining in and they have some fabulous creations so I thought I'd join them!
A little while ago I showed a Fireman Sam plaque that I've made as a special order, I've tweaked it a little as I want to use twine on the plaques unless someone specifically asks for ribbon.

Well here is the plaque for little Alfie's sister which I finished today.

I doodled some little mice a while ago for another design but decided to use one of them for this plaque and I think its quite sweet.
I'm now going to go a look through some of the other links, make sure you do too.
Until next time,


  1. the twine works well, got a bit of a textural thing going there! Keep on bloggin' girl!

  2. The mouse is really cute, I'm sure the children will love them :)

  3. Oh the plaque with the mouse and the toadstool is so cute! whimsical! :) x x

  4. I've made a not of these linkys and will pop over. Trying to get our first one of the ground and I know you've joined. next one is 1st January , any crafts.



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