5 December 2011

December already?

Is it really December already? Where has the time gone?
I'm currently on day 8 of working non stop for my normal job so crafting has taken a bit of a back seat thanks to being out for at least half of every day. I have the next three days off so I'm going to be busy catching up on a few things which I will have ready for next weeks Handmade Monday. It seems everybody has suddenly got really busy, I just wish mine was with crafting rather than boring normal work!
This week I realised that I don't have any handmade decorations for my christmas tree so in the little time between working, eating and sleeping I made these little decorations.

These have the same design on each side and are only about 5cm in size, I really like them and will be putting them in little organza bags to give out to friends and family.
I have a few more designs which are just on paper at the moment but they will definately be finished this week.
Sorry this week is so short but on the positive side its made me realise how organised I need to make myself if I want to do this job properly as well as my normal job.
I'm off to have a quick look round the other crafters on Handmade Monday and also on Bath Bomb Creations new linky party before I head off into work for the last shift before 3 well deserved days off!
Until next time,
P.S. I actually saw snow whilst working in the early hours of this morning, not just small bits you can mistake for rain but proper big flakes, winter is most definitely here!


  1. The hearts are very effective - because of their simplicity!
    I hope the shift pattern improves soon

  2. I love the snowman... he looks so friendly. Love them being at an angle it makes them look edgey.

  3. Your little decorations are lovely......And am jealous of your snow....all we've had is heavy rain....not Chritsmassy at all xx

  4. They are lovely! Just a nice size too. (I know what you mean about regular work taking over.)Mich x

  5. Hello!
    Thanks for joining the linky party.
    Love what you've made too. Why not add an image of what you've made to the Christmas linky party - they do look good !
    And you've seen snow, ouch! It was freezing at work today and that was in the office - no heating. Duble ouch!


  6. They are lovely Jem and will make great tree decorations.

  7. Your decorations look as if they have an edge to them. Especially like the hearts .
    We have had heavy sleet almost gmail stones and it has been bitterly cold too.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  8. Those are very cute! I think the little organza bag is a great idea too. I'm a big believer in presentation. :)

  9. Love the tree decorations and sorry you have had to work, crafting is so much more fun

  10. Very cute - love the idea of the organza bag, too.

  11. The decorations are lovely :) your friends will be chuffed to receive them x

  12. Thanks for taking the time to request a quote from us ...

  13. They are really cute, I love the idea of the little bags and giving them as gifts to family, I'd be tempted to put the year on, very tiny, maybe on the edge.
    Thank you for leaving your kind comment on my blog :o)

    Jan x

  14. That little snowman is so cute! It's so nice to have some handmade decorations for the tree isn't it? Hope you fit in some more crafting time soon.


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