26 December 2011

Christmas x

So how was your Christmas? Did you get spoiled rotten? Did you eat too much? Did you spend some much needed time with family and friends? I know I did!
I spent Christmas day sober as a judge thanks to an agonizing toothache deciding to make itself known at 3:30am on Christmas Eve morning, luckily I managed to get an emergency dentist who gave me a course of antibiotics however they came with the strict warning 'DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL'. Given the choice between toothache and no-alcohol it was an easy choice to make, even I couldn't have drunk enough booze to numb that pain!
Apart from that little set back though I had a great time seeing friends and family and getting a wee bit sloshed on the Friday night (before the toothache kicked in-haha). I got some great presents and my handmade gifts were very well received. I shall be posting more about them soon, did you guess what they were?
All too soon though its back to normality (almost) I'm back into work tonight for the night shift, I just hope its not too busy.
Whatever you're doing with yourself this festive season stay safe, have lots of fun and have a drink for me. I'll be back in a few days to take a look back at 2011.


  1. Happy christmas Jem hope you dont have to work too hard!

  2. Hi Jem
    Thanks for the kind message on Bath Bomb Creation blog and glad the luxuries went down really well! Cannot wait to see the post!

    Anita's partner has set up the behind the scenes for the web with her then we are adding images, costings etc. I am sure she will reply but is still doing christmasy new year stuff at the moment. She then has someone else doing the design in exchange for helping him with his accounts!

    As well as getting photos done, I am going to practise decorating empty boxes (!!) as we plan to sell those next year (well, with luxuries in lol!). Plus decorating gift tags so I've been looking for ideas! Fingers crossed they will look good!

    All the best for 2012 and with your own crafts and web! look forward to seeing that too!



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