26 February 2012

Unicorns altered!

Another week gone and it's almost March!  Where does the time go? I'm sure it was only Christmas a few days ago!

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who commented on last weeks post about my unicorn plaques, your feedback was fantastic and just goes to show that different people like different things. I've decided to keep both plaque ideas but taken your advice and made a few differences. The unicorns with rainbows are staying pretty much as they are,

I will have a go at writing the name in big colourful letters down the rainbow but if that doesn't look right then I shall just make the letters bolder so they stand out more. As for the plain unicorns they've had a bit of makeover.

I've added the dashed line border to them which I think really makes a difference to plaques and lots of people seem to like this. I might try a rainbow coloured dashed line with the rainbow plaques but I think just one colour looks better on these ones. I've also made the eye darker on the pink unicorn, she doesn't look as evil now as she did with pink eyes! Finally I've added some silver stars to the background. So what do you think now?

Now we can't forget that very soon it will be mothers day. I don't have any children but I love this time of year as I love spoiling my mum. I will do a more detailed post about Mothers day soon but I just wanted to show you a plaque I've made as a mothers day gift idea,

The big teddy will obviously have the pink bow but the little one can have a pink or blue bow depending on whether it's a gift from a girl or boy. I can also add the givers name underneath if requested. I have to admit I'm pretty pleased with these, I'm still working on facial expressions but I'm getting there, a slight change in bow colours and wording and it's a gift for fathers day too!

Enough from me, it's now time to go over to Wendy's Handmade Monday and see what everyone else has been up to.
Until next time,


  1. A good decision to keep both Unicorn plaques - they are lovely. I like your Mother's Day plaque - lovely teddies. Hope you have a good week.

  2. I like the addition of stars on the unicorn - and I agree about the edging, lots of people like it. Teddies are a cute image for Mother's Day.

  3. Jem the little line border makes such a difference - looks really good. I love the teddy plaques for Mothers Day. Mich :)

  4. So pretty, now you have added the stars and dotty lines looking good

  5. Love the mother's day plaques - they would be great personalised, wouldn't they?

    The unicorn looks great too. Never thought of an 'evil unicorn' before but now you've put that image in my head, LOL ;-)

    Alison x
    Blue Forest Jewellery

  6. One of the nice things about these blogs is the help and advice given, I love what you've done with the stars and border sets the whole thing off.
    Great teddy plaque, that image will be great for any occasion.

    Jan x

  7. I love the moher's day plaque, its so cute :)
    The one colour unicorns look great too, and the stars are a nice touch.
    Have a nice week

  8. Love the improvements. It's surprising how a small change makes such a difference!

  9. I wonder why we see the mythical Unicorns as being so magical. Even as an adult with a modicum of common sense I still see magic in them. The plaques look really nice and with the recipients name on them will be something special too.
    I agree aout my Aged Aunts and have set wheels in motion. Just got to sit back and wait for the sparks to fly but I am good at ducking. lol so many thanks for your advice.

  10. I've just nominated you as one of my fave bloggers for the Liebster Award - see my latest blog for all the details... Sarah x

  11. I really love seeing the evolution of your unicorn plaques and I agree with how they are now. I still love the rainbow one, I think it's so beautiful, I KNOW little girls would be crazy for it.
    I also love the idea of plaques for Mother's Day! What a neat idea. :)

  12. Ahh your plaques are lovely! I think the purple one is my favourite. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too :)

  13. These are looking really good. Definitely needed the darker eyes on the pink one. Like the Mothers/Fathers day plaques ideatoo. Hugs Mrs A.


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