1 March 2012

Preparing for a hen weekend

On Friday I am going on a hen weekend! I've never been on one before and I don't know quite what to expect but I have a feeling it will be 'interesting'

The bride-to-be is a good friend from work who always has a spare shoulder for when its been a bad day so i'm hoping the weekend goes really well and she has a weekend to remember.
Now i've never been a girly girl, I own make up that passes its expiry date before I even break the seal, I live in trackies and tshirts (jeans if I feel like dressing up) and when it comes to being a lady I completely missed that day at school. On one of the nights the dress code is 'glamorous black dress', I don't think i've ever been described as glamorous so this is going to be a challenge, I have however bought a little black dress so i'm halfway there, in fact i've bought two so maybe that makes up for a lack of skill with hair and make up, I'm sharing a hotel room with two work colleagues who are both quite tomboyish too so either we'll muddle through together and look amazing or..... well maybe its best not to think of the alternative!
Whatever happens i'm sure we'll all have a great time, eating too much, drinking too much and staying out too late! I'll do a post next week to let you know how it went...
Until next time

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