11 March 2012

A little treat for me!

Another week gone, Handmade Monday sure does make the days pass quick. Once you've finished here make sure you go over and take a look. Bath Bomb Creations are also beginning to host linky parties every Sunday and could really do with your support so please visit them too.

So what have the past few days held for me? A few night shifts (boring!) and i'm now on a weekend off (hooray!) I finally managed to meet up with the friend who ordered the Jessica photo frame a few weeks ago and she was delighted with it. Pretending to be 'ladies who lunch' we went out for a nice healthy-ish meal which I finished off with a big helping of black forest gateau, It didn't help my diet but it sure did taste good!

Onto the handmade stuff, an idea popped into my head for a little plaque, I make different designs for little boys and girls bedrooms but what about the adults? I decided to make one for mum and dads room

I'ts not turned out how I was hoping but after a bit of tweaking I think I can improve it.
Next is something I've made for myself. I made a couple of kitchen boards as Christmas presents but one design stuck in my head. I wasn't sure who to make it for so I decided to treat myself and i'm glad I did

I really love these kitchen boards, there are so many designs possible and I think the caption at the bottom really finishes them off (even if I did forget to dot the I's before taking the photos).

You can have it made with any persons name and the caption can say anything you wish. Even the design can be made to suit any personality.

That's all I have to show this week, next weekend will be Mothers Day so I hope you'll all be remembering it.
Until next time,


  1. It's always nice to treat ourselves once in a while and your kitchen boards are lovely, I love doing personalised items, people have such a variety of ideas and it's great to have something to match their own decor.

    Jan x

  2. Kitchen blackboards are always popular and I love doing them too - it's always good to be able to respond to people's ideas and the personalisation really finishes it off. Those white cats look lovely on the blackboards!

  3. Really pretty and original boards. I like the ones with the cats - they look as though they're on a windowsill.

  4. Love the kitchen board. Finally got around to passing on my Liebsster!

  5. Love the kitchen blackboards. And the great thing about handmade is that yuou can customise them!

  6. Your plaques are lovely, I particularly like the one for the kitchen so cute :-)

  7. I think the blackboard would make a marvelous card too...

  8. Your kitchen boards are great - personalised items are so lovely to make. there is something of you in them as well as the lucky recipient. Hope you have a good week.

  9. Love the blackboards and well done on having a treat we all need this from time to time, have a great week

  10. Thanks for the linky support! I like the jem's kitchen board.

  11. Love these,especially the one with the cats!

  12. Love all the chalkboards.
    Its nice to make something for ourselves from time to time, we're often too busy making for everyone else.
    Hugs Sue x

  13. Love the Chalkboards. They are such a great design.

  14. The kitchen boards are great, really lovely.
    And don't worry about the Black Forest Gateau - cherries are one of your five a day, so it's good for you!

  15. awww the kitchen boards are so pretty! love the white (cream?)one with red heart on it, so adorable!
    "sprinkled with love" - i think this phrase is just perfect for the kitchen environment :)


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