30 March 2012

Longleat Part 3 - Cats and Dogs

One of the great things about safari is getting so close to such amazing creatures however if you do this on a sunny day MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AIR CON! The air con in my car isn't working properly which wasn't a problem for much of it as we could have the windows and sunroof open but for several of the enclosures (one after the other) we had to keep them shut. 4 people in a clio on a sunny day results in sweaty uncomfortable people! However it's worth the discomfort rather than risk what could happen when this is waiting for you just outside!

Drive-thru meals!

These big cats are so amazing, when you see the young ones playing around with each other it does make you think of kittens playing with each other, they are so cute.

But when you see the grown ups chomping down on a big chunk of meat it reminds you what those little 'kittens' will grow into and a degree of fear and respect creeps into you.

My favourite big cats are tigers, funny really as I've had several nightmares involving these chasing me!

They are so gorgeous up close, beautiful coats, beautiful faces yet such powerful animals.

Still on with the big cats we got to see the cheetahs, they were in quarantine at the time so I didn't get to challenge one to race my clio and see who could get up to 70mph first. This handsome chap kindly posed for a photo through the fence.

When talking about cats its natural to progress onto dogs and thats what we did, well wolves actually.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see any wolf pups but the adults were great to see up close. They are so much like dogs to look at.

My granddad has a beautiful dog which is a German Shepherd crossed with a wolf, he looks quite similar to some of the wolves we saw but is bigger and gentler.

That's about it for part 3, hopefully you've already seen Part 1 and Part 2.
The final part will be out tomorrow - Monkeys!
Until next time

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  1. I've just checked your other posts, your photo's are really good, sometimes at these places the animals are inactive but these are great. My daughter went to see the monkeys and came away minus a car registration plate :o)
    I hope your car gets sorted ok.

    Jan x


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