29 March 2012

Longleat Part 2 - All creatures great and small

Welcome to Longleat Part 2, if you missed Part 1 you can see it here.

The great thing about this place is the variety of animals both large and small. Whilst driving around I saw Anne the Elephant

Anne isn't just any elephant, she's famous, sadly not for the right reasons. Anne was a circus elephant who hit the headlines when secret filming showed her being attacked by the groom who was supposed to be looking after her. The story caused outrage and there is a website dedicated to Anne which you can find here. Luckily Anne was rescued and is now living happily at Longleat.

From the very big to the very small...

After the safari drive we went into the Jungle Kingdom where we got to walk through the Meerkat enclosure.

There were warning signs up that these little critters have a fascination with painted toenails so I was glad I was wearing trainers! They have such character and they may be small but they're not afraid to tackle animals bigger and spikier than them,

Who's that creeping up behind?

These guys were cooling in their shelter minding their own business when a group of the little rascals came running in and pushed them out of their bed!

In another enclosure was an anteater, fascinated by her nose it took me quite a while to notice something a bit different about her

Can you see it?

Yep that's a baby anteater clinging to her back! How sweet!

Further around the park we found a bird enclosure we could walk through. We bought a couple of pots of some type of liquid food and these feathery friends descended onto us to drink it.

Here's my sister with her new best friend (at least until it had drunk it all!)

The more I write about Longleat the more I remember! I've had to break it down so part 3 will be out tomorrow.
Until next time


  1. Great photos - brings back memories. We liked Jock the gorilla - my son said he was just like him - eats all day and breaks unbreakable things!
    Jo x

  2. Longleat looks so cool! i went there once as a kiddie and remember monkeys climbing all over the car! you have inspired me to take another trip there soon - i don't live too far from there and it would be a fun thing to do over Easter! :)


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