28 March 2012

Longleat Part 1

As I said before I spent the last weekend at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire having an amazing time. Unfortunately it didn't start great.
I woke up Friday morning and after getting all my stuff together I went outside to load the car to travel down South and found this

That was not there when I parked it up! To say I wasn't happy was an understatement, they hadn't even left a note so i'm stuck with the bill to repair it.
Anyway, onto Longleat!
We went on Saturday morning and went around the safari in my dented little car. I love giraffes and was most looking forward to seeing them but they were in a side area with the zebras as their zone (?) is currently having a refurb.

I was a bit upset at this but its part of a new change that Longleat are doing, they're creating a watering hole where you will be able to handfeed the giraffes! I will definately be going back there when this opens.
We carried on around and I couldn't believe how close we got to some of the animals.

There was one part where you could buy deer food and hand-feed the deers from inside your car. Well we had to buy some and the deer were keen to come and eat

Maybe a bit too keen sometimes!

On the Saturday when we went through the rhino and camels paddock they all seemed to be quite far away but on the Sunday they were a lot closer

The camels were chasing each other so much so that a ranger on a tractor was driving between them trying to split them up

This seemed to put the wind up the rhinos who also had a bit of a run around and got quite close to my car

I had visions of a rhino shaped dent in my car ("Hello car insurance? a rhino wrote off my car") although it would have made a better story than the damage I found on Friday morning!
I tried to stay near the longleat landrover hoping that if Mr Rhino chose to charge he'd go for the vehicle that looked most like a zebra!

There was so much to see that I can't fit it all into one post so i'll pause this one here and start working on part 2.
Until next time

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