31 March 2012

Longleat Part 4 - Monkey business

The final part in my Longleat series!
If you visit this place there is one thing you MUST do, the Monkey Drive-Thru. These little critters are not just cute they're crafty too. As soon as you enter their enclosure they're practically lining up to jump on your car and say hello

But don't let that fool you, these guys only have one thing on their mind - vandalism!
They start with your aerial...

Then they rip up the rubber strips on the roof...

Then they go for the lights like this car had...

What are they up to?

Pulling the wires out to chew!

I thought this little one was just trying to keep a grip on the car...

Turned out he was wrecking the wiper blade!
As I found out later when I looked at my own car they also pinch the caps off the number plate screws! Little rascals!
Some of the cars left with quite a bit of damage, I took my aerial off before I went through and I don't have those rubber strips on my car so apart from the number plate screw caps I escaped relatively unscathed! In spite of all that destruction they are undeniably cute

All together now "Awww!"

Whilst at Longleat we went for a couple of trips on this boat

As soon as it set off we were joined by these fantastic sea lions swimming along both sides of the boat.

After buying a couple of mackerel we held it over the edge and they jumped up to get it

The boat journey takes you around this island

which is home to their impressive gorilla


I couldn't remember his name but Pickle Lily reminded me on a previous post that he's called 'Jock'. I do remember being told he's 51 years old! That's pretty impressive in my book!
We saw a couple of hippos too but they were too far away to get a decent photo.

So that's the end of my Longleat tale, if you haven't done so already please read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. I look forward to visiting this place again soon.
Just as a side note this visit gave me lots of ideas for my crafts so do come back soon to see what i'm making.
Until next time


  1. Beautiful photos-love the monkeys!

  2. The monkeys are super cute, even if they are a bit destructive.

    Jan x


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